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$175.00 USD

Hand-crafted using sustainably harvested Indonesian teak wood.

Approximate Dimensions -

Height: 18"
Diameter: 10"

The vases are hollowed out approximately 10" from the top of the vase.

$65.00 USD

Hand-crafted using reclaimed teak wood, salvaged from actual old fishing vessels.

Approximate Dimensions:

H: 14"
W: 15"
D: 4"

$329.00 USD

Hand-crafted from sustainably harvested Indonesian teak wood.

Perfect as a side table or accent table.


H: 20" x W: 16" x D: 16"


Item will ship in a box via UPS to your home or business.

$125.00 USD

Our Bola Pots are made from solid pieces of teak root, sustainably reclaimed and hand-carved into amazing planters. These pots are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Teak wood has an extremely high oil content which makes it water resistant and durable. Each pot is unique and one of a kind. Add to your outdoor decoration or a rustic touch to your living space. These also make fantastic gifts!

$400.00 USD

Add character to your walls with our teak wood sculptures, hand-made from sustainably-harvested pieces of teak wood. The artists we partner with inspire us all the time, finding pieces that might not otherwise have a use, and turn them into works of art like these wooden rings. These would look fantastic on a bare wall in your living room.

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