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$1,000.00 USD

Our Teak Root Console Tables are an incredible way to showcase your unique style and love for authentic design. Whether you love rustic, mid-century modern or bohemian styles, these roots will transform any interior design. These tables are made of a totally unique, hand-carved reclaimed teak root and finished with a dark natural stain to highlight the stunning grains found in teak. No single table is like another and each root has its own, unique character. Choose from three different sizes depending on your needs.

$800.00 USD

Our Teak Root Console Art Tables are constructed from pieces of reclaimed teak roots. The top and upper sides fit together to create a beautiful, solid surface. Add one of these tables, in a size of your choosing, to any room for the ultimate design impact.

$1,250.00 USD

Bring nature right into your home with our range of Teak Root Console Tables. Featuring the organic curves of teak roots, all of our console tables are one-of-a-kind and hand-carved, adding to their authenticity. The wood is finished with a stunning dark and natural stain to highlight the intricate grains often found in teak. Available in lengths of 48", 60" and 72", these tables are perfect for anyone with a penchant for rustic, bohemian, or mid-century modern styles.

$1,500.00 USD

Calling all lovers of rustic, bohemian, and mid-century modern design lovers! This range of Teak Root Console Tables is for you. Available in lengths of 48", 60", and 72", these tables add an unparalleled authenticity to any room you place them in. All tables are completely one-of-a-kind and hand-carved, featuring an impactful dark natural stain finish to accent the intricacies of the teak's grains. Use as a centerpiece in a living room or bedroom for total impact and unique flair.

$1,250.00 USD

Put your love for unique interior design pieces and unique sense of style on display with these stunning range of Teak Root Console Tables! If you're a lover of the rustic feel or bohemian looks, these one-of-a-kind tables are a tribute to nature and the beauty she has to offer. All tables are made from hand-carved reclaimed teak and finished with a gorgeous, dark natural stain to accent the stunning grains found in teak. Console tables in this range are available in three different sizes according to your needs.

$1,500.00 USD

Add one of our Teak Root Console Tables to any room in your home and experience an immediate impact. Whether you're a fan of bohemian styles or mid-century modern flare, these tables make gorgeous centrepieces. Showcase your unique sense of style and flaunt these hand-carved, naturally-stained tables for an added 'wow' factor in your home. These tables are finished with a dark natural stain to accent the stunning grains found in teak. No one table is alike and each root has a character to it that is highly unique. Available in small, medium, and large sizes.

$1,500.00 USD

The Amber Onyx Bowl is completely opaque, and features small sections of sediment and stone that glitter throughout. This bowl is completely polished to a smooth finish, with a slightly rough lip for an organic feel. Keep as a centrepiece on your coffee table or gift to someone special.

$2,500.00 USD

Our Amber Verde Bowl is wil trasnform any space. White, green, and reddish-brown threads mingle within the natural stone surface, creating a design that is truly unique and awe-inspiring. Sections of of the surface are slightly transparent, putting on a light show when the sun's rays hit it. This bowl is made entirely of onyx, with a smooth and polished upper and outer and a rough edge on the lip of the bowl.

$3,625.00 USD

The Blue Redondo Onyx Bowl is completelely opaque, and has small pieces of sediment and stone glittering throughout. This bowl is completely polished to a smooth finish. This makes for a memorable gift and a statement decorative piece in your home.

$45.00 USD

We love it when sustainability and gorgeous decorative pieces come together. This bread basket is hand-carved from sustainably harvested teak wood and makes a stunning centrepiece in your kitchen or gift for a loved one.

$75.00 USD

The Celtic Crosses are hand-carved with beautiful detail. All crosses are made from volcanic greenstone, and come in two parts for easy set-up.

$200.00 USD

This concrete lantern is a great addition to any garden. It is made up of two components, and a light or candle can be easily inserted. Toro lanterns originate from Japan and are part of the country's traditional architecture. They were originally only used in Buddhist temples where they lined and illuminated paths. You, too, can create your own private sanctuary by adding this concrete Toro lantern to your outdoor space.

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